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Thanksgiving Dessert Menu



Thanksgiving Dessert Menu 2020


Please place orders in advance!

Last day for orders is Monday, November 23rd


Traditional Apple

Loaded with fresh Cortland apples

12" $32.95


A traditional favorite spiced with nutmeg & cinnamon

 9" $18.95

Southern Pecan

Light & flaky pie shell with a rich filling packed with pecans

9" $19.95

Apple Pearberry

Golden crust filled with fresh Cortland & Granny Smith Apples, sliced pears, cranberries & gingerbread spices

 9" $19.95

Rustic Apple Walnut

With whole walnuts & fall spices

12" $32.95


Sweet crusts filled with almond cream

Pear Cranberry

Pear halves & cranberries    9" $27.95

French Apple

Classic tarte aux pommes with apple slices    9" $27.95

Fresh Fruit Tart

Beautifully arranged fruits on top of custard    9" $34.95

Plum Raspberry

Fresh plum halves & raspberries    9" $32.95


 Cakes & More

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Graham cracker crust topped with cinnamon whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate

6" $24.95   9" $32.95

Rustic Pumpkin Torte

Spice cake and pumpkin mousse garnished with cinnamon whipped cream & white chocolate garnish

6" $24.95   9" $32.95

Holiday Decorated Cakes

Round single & double layer cakes, sheet cakes, assorted sizes serving 6-160

Thanksgiving cake designs

 3D Turkey · Turkey Farm · Cornucopia · Harvest Wreath



Gold or chocolate cake topped with vanilla or chocolate icing, rosebud decorations in fall colors

$11.00 dozen


Gold or chocolate cake topped with a swirl of colored vanilla or chocolate icing & sprinkles

$21.50 dozen

Regular & Jumbo Size

Gold or chocolate cake topped with gold or chocolate icing & Thanksgiving decorations

Petit & Grande

Seasonal flavors

Petit $17.50 dozen

Grande  $4.50 each




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